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Actor Stephen Baldwin hosting OSUTour WalkathonDr. Andy Baldwin, ABC's The Bachelor, OSUTOUR Walkathon Guestwalk for the troops

The success of this walk-a-thon could rest
in the your free Walmart card for $250

Complete details below – Rules do apply


Support the Children of Fallen Soldiers

Every single day we’re at work, we relax in our comfortable homes, enjoy our families at holidays or the birth of a new child, eat our great food and enjoy our freedom, while our sons, daughters, mothers and fathers are walking through the land mine ridden land of Iraq and Afghanistan. There have been over 5000 of these that have paid the highest price. Thousands and thousands of children now live in a home without their biggest hero, “Daddy”. Once a proud military wife, a woman can instantly find herself in a forgotten, struggling, single-mother home. 

It’s easy for Americans to be far removed from the real pain they endure. We can all do much more than just say “Thank You” and here’s how. Register for the Nationwide Walk-A-Thon today! Here’s your chance to physically do something for them. Together, we can enhance every facet of their daily lives.

Three ways to be supportive

  1. Attend the event and register now.

  2. Not attending?  Make a donation – no donation is too small.

  3. Receive Walmart cash by sending an Email or Facebook message.

Event: Walk-a-thon / Bike-a-thon / Concert & Entertainment for the whole family
Hosted by: Hollywood Actor Stephen Baldwin & NFL Superstars
When: Labor Day, Monday, September 7, 2009
Time: Monday morning holiday, 8:00 a.m. till 11:30 a.m.
Where: NASCAR’s Texas Motor Speedway / on the Race Track


Your free Walmart card for $250 – Teaming up for Success

Why not reward people who are willing to support this event by telling others about it? This is an opportunity for everyone to reap the benefits for spreading the word about this walk-a-thon. Here’s how it works:

1st / First of all you’ll need to complete the registration for yourself. While registering, make your name into a team name ( example: John Smith Team – you’ll see a place for new team name on the form.)
2nd / Send a simple message to your entire email database (or your Facebook friends) of your support for the troops and your knowledge of the walk-a-thon. Explain in your email that you are trying to raise awareness and gain financial support for this worthy cause of the children of fallen soldiers.
3rd / Ask them, whether attending or NOT, to make a tax-deductible donation, of any size at all, to support you in this walk-a-thon.
4th / To give, they’ll need to log on to this same web site, give their donation, and register themselves just as you did, but make sure they sign up under your team name and you’ll get credit towards the total accumulated donations to receive your cash card gift from Walmart.

It’s that easy. We have a PDF file that you can download, then copy and paste into your personal email to make it easy for you. To the level that your friends make donations is the level of reward for your efforts. Here are the levels:

  • If you accumulate greater that $2001 you’ll receive a Walmart cash card worth $500
  • Accumulate between $2000 & $1501 donations from your team = $375 cash card
  • Between $1500 - $1001 = $250 cash card
  • Between $1000 - $501 = $125 cash card
  • Between $500 - $250 = $75 cash card

And don’t worry, your friends could sign up on your team and start their own team at the same time. They can do both - be a part of your reward and get the ball rolling to accumulate their own reward by sending their own database a message of support. Everyone can be a supporter of this walk-a-thon whether they actually can attend or NOT, whether they live near Dallas or in California! It that easy! In these hard economic times who doesn’t need free groceries or new school clothes for their families? You could even give the cash card to someone you know that really needs it. Everybody wins!

Proceeds Support: Caring for the widows and mentoring the children of the fathers that have been killed at war as well as the upcoming OSU Tour events in Iraq.

General Information: Bring your walking or running shoes, your bicycles or your children’s tricycles as NASCAR’s Texas Motorsports Speedway opens up the race track to registered attendees that support our sons and daughters in the Armed Forces. Spend the Labor Day holiday morning at a worthy cause and come walk the track for those in harm’s way as well as our fallen heroes. Military single family mothers need our help now and YOU are that bridge of help. Send this info to your email database and tell your friends that you support this event. If you’re out of state or physically cannot attend even a dollar donation will help us. Show your support by registering today. This will not be your ordinary walk-a-thon but a life-changing event. Don’t miss it!

Schedule of the day's events:

7:00 a.m. Check-in begins
8:00 a.m. Walkers on the track
9:00 a.m. Bicyclists on the track
9:30 a.m. Motorcycles on the track
10:00 a.m. Race cars on the track / NASCAR rides for children of the fallen
10:00 – 11:30 a.m. Concert in the garage/Recognition for the families of the fallen

Big News: The Children of Fallen Soldiers will have the opportunity to take a ride in an actual real NASCAR around the track at amazing speeds after the walkers, runners, bikers and motorcycles are finished. The Interstate Batteries #18 car (that actually won the Daytona 500 / 800 horsepower) as well as a recently retired National Guard car #16 (also 800 horsepower) will be available at the track for the children. Special Registration Instruction apply. See below.

Special Registration Instructions for Family Members of a Fallen Hero: Fallen family members MUST register themselves and their children BEFORE the event to QUALIFY. Fallen families will only be able to register using a private link (A link that is NOT on this web site). If you are a member of the fallen you should have received this “Special Registration Link” already via an email. This is how your children will be qualified for a ride in the NASCAR, grouped with other families of a fallen hero, receive special privileges and or have V.I.P Status. If you have not received this “Private Registration Link” one can be sent to you by email upon request. Please make these requests through the OSU Tour office by email at Office@OSUtour.org. You may also request this link through the “Got Your Back Network” with Kathleen Gagg at her email address: kathleen.gagg@yahoo.com. You are also welcome to forward this private link to other families of a fallen hero ONLY!

*Included in our children mentoring outreach program are those families that have had fathers or mothers killed in public service such as a policeman and firemen.*

E-mail: office@osutour.org

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